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Bringing a colourful and vibrant taste of ‘Latin Soul Food’ to the UK!

SABROSO, brought to you by restaurateurs Gabriel and Jose-Luis Gonzalez, is bringing a new wave of all-day dining to Westfield London, recreating the fun, comforting and casual spirit of Venezuela’s popular arepa bars.

Revitalising London’s lunchtime scene, SABROSO will serve a selection of Arepas - a flat, dish shaped cornbread stuffed with a variety of high-quality, flavourful fillings. The menu will feature its signature arepas, as well as giving you the option to fully customise your gluten-free arepa, with a wide variety of hot and cold fillings, garnishes, and sauces packed full of flavour.

Focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients showcasing the best of Venezuelan cuisine, SABROSO will also serve build-your-own ceviche bowls; a fresh and delicious option for the more health-conscious, providing the opportunity for you to customise your meal at every step.

Offering something for everyone, SABROSO’ mini-arepas are a delicious alternative for your little ones. Traditional side dishes, indulgent desserts and refreshing tropical juices will also be available.

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